Going Out Of Business? Recycle Your Computers' Circuit Boards And Other Parts With Smelting

Posted on: 4 August 2015

If your business is closing or going out of business soon, you want to get rid of the data in your computer systems safely and effectively.  Simply recycling the parts leaves you and your employees vulnerable to identity theft and other crimes. By smelting the broken down computer parts, you can better protect your company and get some extra cash. Smelting is a unique process that involves melting metal parts, such as copper wiring, memory chips and circuit boards, in high temperatures.
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What Type And Size Of Roll-Off Dumpsters Are Available?

Posted on: 3 August 2015

Whether you are doing a personal, home remodeling project or managing a large, commercial construction site, you need a way to get rid of debris and trash that accumulate during the job. One of the most convenient ways to remove refuse is with removal containers, often called roll-off bins or dumpsters. Types of Roll-off Dumpsters Roll-off dumpsters come in two main varieties. The ones you probably see the most are the open top dumpsters where trash is just dumped in the top.
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