What Type And Size Of Roll-Off Dumpsters Are Available?

Posted on: 3 August 2015

Whether you are doing a personal, home remodeling project or managing a large, commercial construction site, you need a way to get rid of debris and trash that accumulate during the job. One of the most convenient ways to remove refuse is with removal containers, often called roll-off bins or dumpsters.

Types of Roll-off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters come in two main varieties. The ones you probably see the most are the open top dumpsters where trash is just dumped in the top. These are picked up by a roll-off truck and taken to be emptied at a landfill or recycling center. One of the short sides is actually a swinging door that can be swung open to dump the trash off the back of the roll-off truck, much like a dump truck.

Another common type is used in conjunction with trash compactors. The top is not open since the compactor has to be able to crush the trash to make it more compact for long-term disposal.

Sizes of Roll-off Dumpsters

Roll-off bins come in many sizes. For personal remodeling projects, you can often get away with a smaller size. For commercial projects, you may need multiple bins of the largest size. Here are some of the common sizes and ideas for when you might need them:

  • 40 cubic yards – suitable for remodeling large homes or commercial construction
  • 30 cubic yards – good for remodeling medium-sized homes, some demolition, and general cleanup
  • 20 cubic yards – often used for roofing, small home remodels or small remodeling projects
  • 10 cubic yards – good for small job cleanup or small remodeling projects

Roll-off Dumpster Removal

Since you know how fast you plan to move on your project, you can specify when your roll-off dumpsters should be removed and replaced. You can choose removal on a daily, multi-day, weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc basis. You can stagger removal so that the full ones are removed and the partially full or empty ones remain until they are full. Also, if you find yourself filling them up faster, you can usually call your rental company for an unscheduled removal.

Permission to Use a Roll-off Dumpster

While roll-off bins are a great way to easily dispose of trash, make sure to get any required permits before you schedule delivery of your roll-off dumpster. Some cities or counties require that you get a permit to have a roll-off dumpster on the premises. Often, the provider of the bin can obtain the permit for you.

For more information, contact East Central Sanitation & Recycling or a similar company.