Where to Find Old Cars for Recycling

Posted on: 6 August 2015

As scrap metal prices go up, old junk cars that are just rusting out in the open become more valuable for their steel. If you want to get into junk car recycling, then here are some ways you can get your hands on some old vehicles.

Look at online ads

People often post ads for scrap wood and metal, including cars, that they no longer want in online venues. They charge a very small purchase price, or even offer their items for free if you come out to remove the things they don't want on your own. Browse online ad venues and your local newspaper daily so you can take advantage of getting junk cars and other scrap metals for a low price or even free.

Advertise your own services

You can use these same online venues and your local paper to post ads that you will remove unwanted scrap metal and junk cars for no charge. Drive around town and locate homes that have old vehicles, washing machines, and other large metal equipment on their properties. Leave a flyer at these properties or even talk to the owners and see if they would be willing to allow you to remove their items at no charge. You would be surprised at the number of people who will give you their junk cars as long as they don't have to do any of the work to remove them.

If people are unwilling to part with their vehicles for free, call your local junkyard, like TVM Recycling, with the weight of the cars you are dealing with to get an estimate on the scrap price. Let the vehicle owner know that if they allow you to scrap their vehicle, you will pay them a small percentage of the cash you will receive. This way, junk car owners not only have their cars removed from their properties, they get to make a little bit of money in the process.

You can make a lot of money scrapping junk cars at a recycling plant. Almost any junk car in any rusted condition still has viable metal on it that is worth some money. You can find junk cars for recycling by searching for people advertising to get rid of scrap metal or by letting people know you can remove their unwanted cars for free. If you play your cards right you can land yourself with many junk cars to make a nice profit.