3 Parts Of An Old Car That Can Be Scrapped For Cash

Posted on: 19 January 2023

Scrap metal yards play an important role in helping to minimize the cost of metal goods and reduce landfill waste. Many different types of metal can be recycled through a scrap yard, and these businesses are willing to pay a finder's fee to anyone bringing scrap metal in.

If you have an old car that is no longer operational, you can scrap many components for cash. Learn more about the elements of an old car that have the most value at a scrap yard.

1. Car Body

Many parts of a vehicle's body are constructed from steel. Steel is one of the most widely used metals in the manufacturing industry, so recycling steel can help keep production costs low.

Some of the car body parts that contain recyclable steel include the trunk, doors, hood, and quarter panels. Each of these components features a high steel content. A scrap yard can easily separate these elements from your old vehicle by using an industrial magnet.

You can contribute to the reduction of natural resources used in manufacturing by choosing to recycle the steel in your old car at a scrap yard.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum is a valuable metal at any scrap yard. Recycled aluminum is used to create new products like soda cans and truck body parts.

The reason that aluminum is highly recyclable is that the metal itself doesn't lose any of its integrity during the recycling process. This means that recycled aluminum will perform the same as new aluminum in consumer products.

The components of your old car that will contain the most aluminum include the wheel hubs, engine heads, transmission case, and radiator.

3. Iron

Modern cars do contain iron. Iron is a valuable material that can help you generate some cash at your local scrap yard. Recycling iron eliminates the need to mine for new materials. As a result, the environment sustains less damage and iron becomes a more renewable resource.

Your old car's engine block contains a lot of iron. Manufacturers like to construct engine blocks from iron because this metal is very durable. Iron is also capable of withstanding the extreme heat that is generated by a vehicle's combustion engine.

The value of your old car's engine block will depend on the purity of the iron used in the manufacturing process.

Talk to a local scrap metal yard to learn more about recycling old car parts for money.