Preparing Scrap Metal For Recycling

Posted on: 13 September 2022

If you have several items comprised of metal that you no longer need, you may have contemplated using a recycling service to obtain cash for their exchange. If you decide to use a pick-up service, follow these steps to make the process of the collection session easy.

Find Out In Advance About The Company's Policies

Not all scrap metal recycling pick-up services will accept all items you have to exchange. This will vary depending upon the business you use. Some pick-up services will have restrictions in place regarding the weight or size of the items they will accept for recycling. It is best to contact a few services before setting up a scheduled pick-up date so you are aware of any stipulations in place. This will help you decide which company you wish to use, depending upon the particular items you need to have removed from your property.

Categorize To The Best Of Your Ability

Not all recycling pick-up services will require that you separate items you want to be picked up. They toss them into a truck or trailer bed and haul them away to bring to a recycling center for separation. However, there are some services that appreciate the efforts of the separation of recyclables beforehand. If you know what recycling center the service intends to transport the items to, you can research the way the center performs business, helping you decide if categorization is necessary. A scrap metal recycling pick-up service will likely pay you more for the items you need to be hauled away if you have them separated. This gives them the ability to project pricing close to the bulk weight of each pile you have ready to be taken away.

Position Items For Quick Removal

To make it easier for a scrap metal recycling pick-up service to collect your items, have them positioned properly upon your property for retrieval. Bring all items outside of your home, and unassemble pieces that have protruding or sharp parts so they do not pose a hazard to anyone coming within close proximity to them. If an item has liquid within, such as a piece of machinery that uses gas or oil, drain the unit before the service arrives. Line the items up with adequate space between each one so service workers are able to pick them up quickly and easily. Place the items from largest to smallest in this line. Workers can then start with the biggest pieces and fill in gaps in their collection area with the smaller pieces.

For more information, contact scrap metal recycling pick-up services near you.