Working With A Commercial Recycling Service To Dispose Of Reusable Material

Posted on: 22 April 2022

Many businesses use materials in manufacturing or production of products that produce recyclable scrap, but often it is challenging to haul away a large amount of recyclable material, so it may end up in the trash. There are some great solutions to ensure that the material makes it to the recycler, and commercial recycling services often pay a fair price for the scrap you provide.

Recycling Programs And Materials

Recycling has hit its stride in the last few years, and commercial recycling services are appearing all over the country. For many people, recycling means throwing a cold drink can in a recycling bin, but when operating a business that uses a lot of plastic or aluminum, you could have a significant amount of scrap that can be reused to produce more material later. 

Recycling used materials like plastic, metal, or other materials helps reduce the number of resources required to create new material, and in some cases, that can represent a significant cost reduction in production that can be passed on to people purchasing the materials for their needs. 

Commercial Recycling 

If you are considering setting up a recycling program but are not sure how to best organize it, often commercial recycling services will help you determine what you need and provide containers for you to put the material in. For small businesses, that may include one small dumpster for the recyclable scrap material, but for larger companies that could involve multiple dumpsters and figuring out the best way to sort the scrap before it goes into the dumpster or container. 

Often, one of the biggest deterrents is the sorting process. There are commercial recycling services that do not require you to sort the scrap and will sort it in their facility, but you will need to ask about that before you decide which service to use. If you have a lot of scrap material that is worth a decent amount of money, the cost savings could turn into profits for your company. 

Training Employees

When you commit to working with commercial recycling services, you may need to spend some time retraining your employees and staff so that they understand what they need to do with the scrap materials to ensure everything gets to the right place. Most of the time, the training will not take long, and you can walk your staff through the process of sorting the material and where to put the recyclables and the non-recyclable stuff to keep them separated. 

If you already have a backlog of material piling up commercial recycling services can typically pick that material up for you, and they can often provide some additional containers for the backlog to get you started.

For more info, contact a local commercial recycling services company.