Protocol That Can Lead To A Smooth Frac Tank Rental Experience

Posted on: 14 October 2020

Worksites that produce a lot of specialty liquids need a place to store them temporarily sometimes. Frac tanks can provide the perfect space for these purposes, whether you're storing chemicals or petroleum products. If you're proceeding with a frac tank rental, this protocol will help. 

Review Liquid's Properties

Before ordering a frac tank, you need to carefully examine the properties of the liquids that are going in this tank. Some may be particularly unique and thus warrant a very unique type of frac tank.

For instance, if you are temporarily storing corrosive materials, you need a durable frac tank with protective coatings lined on the inside. Then these materials won't cause damage to the frac tank or cause safety issues for those around the work area. 

Even if you're not sure what frac tank type is needed, knowing about your liquid's properties can help a rental provider figure out an appropriate selection. 

Pick a Delivery Date

Once you find a frac tank size and type for your worksite, you need to figure out a delivery date. Keep in mind that other work companies may have to order the same frac tanks. You don't want to postpone picking a delivery date and then the tank you need not being available until months later. 

The sooner you pick a delivery date, the greater odds you have of getting a frac tank that's in stock and having it show up on your worksite on a date that works perfectly. If you do schedule early, you can also adjust shipment dates if something changes with your work schedule.

Review Transportation Methods

Since frac tanks are large and weigh a ton, you don't want to be the party having to ship this tank to and from your worksite. Rather, you want the rental provider to arrange for professional delivery and pickup.

Before agreeing to these services, take a little bit of time to review how these transportation methods work. Which trucks are used, and what do you need to do prior to delivery and pickup? Working out these details in advance lets the transportation process go on without a lot of obstacles getting in the way.

A frac tank is exactly what you need on your work site when temporarily storing specialty liquids. If you're renting one for the next couple of weeks or months, take a look at relevant details like dimensions, transportation, and availability. You'll then get one of these specialty tanks delivered at the right time and at the right place.