3 Great Benefits Of Recycling Your Aluminum Cans

Posted on: 9 February 2016

You have probably heard people promote that it is important to recycle, but have you ever truly stopped to think about the benefits? When it comes to recycling aluminum cans alone, there are a number of advantages that you will be able to take advantage of. With this in mind, you should read on and learn all about these benefits so that you can then take it upon yourself to find a recycling center in your area that can help you contribute. 

Benefit #1: This Is An Investment Into The Economy, As It Helps Industries Save Time And Energy

The statistics are clear when it comes to the benefits of recycling aluminum cans. Studies show that recycling a can creates a 95 percent reduction in the amount of energy that is required to recreate the can. This not only allows companies to be less wasteful, it also saves plenty of money in creating cans. These economic benefits will trickle down and potentially provide savings to the customers as well, making it advantageous to everyone involved. 

Benefit #2: Recycling Aluminum Cans Protects The Environment As A Whole

When you send cans off to be recycled, you are preventing the unnecessary pollution that happens when cans are fabricated. For instance, for every ton of aluminum, 9 million tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere. This is nothing to sneeze at because a single ton of carbon dioxide emissions is the equivalent of a vehicle traveling for 3,000 miles. So every time that you decide to pitch a can into the recycling bin and take it to the recycling center, you can take solace in the fact that you are reducing your own carbon footprint and lowering the amount of air pollution that is created in your area. 

Benefit #3: You Are Preventing Clutter In Landfills

Whenever you throw your recyclable aluminum cans in the garbage can, you are missing a chance to reduce the waste that is sent off to landfills. Landfills all over are already becoming overcrowded, and that waste must go somewhere. So as these landfills become overcrowded, more landfills will be built and will continuously take up precious space. By sending your materials off to a recycling plant to be reused completely, you will not be contributing to these overcrowded landfills and will be doing your part. 

Take advantage of these three benefits by starting to recycle your cans today. 

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