Fixing Up Your First Home? Don't Miss Cash With Scrap

Posted on: 7 August 2015

If you are ready to make the investment of purchasing a home and you'll be buying a small fixer-upper, there are things you want to know as you start to upgrade and fix the home. There could be a lot of metal lying around the house that is worth some money, and the money can help you pay for the repairs.

Before you replace the following items, remove them and take them to a local scrap metal yard to see how much cash you can get. This is going to help you dispose of the items without having to pay for trash removal, and you're recycling to help conserve natural resources at the same time.

Aluminum Siding and Windows

If the house was covered in aluminum siding and window frames that you want to replace, both of these items are ideal to get cash at the scrap yard. The aluminum siding should be easy for you to remove on your own. If you are removing the aluminum window frames, the experts installing the new windows may insist on doing the removal themselves to prevent damage, but you can still take the debris to the scrap yard.

Copper Piping

Copper piping may be used throughout the house and on appliances. If you are going to be re-routing or moving some of the plumbing, or if the piping looks galvanized or corroded, take it to the scrap metal yard. Copper is a highly valuable metal.

Metal Appliances

There are old appliances like a hot water heater or furnace that can be disassembled and scrapped before you pitch them, to get some money out of them to use towards a new appliance. Call the scrap metal yard if you are unsure about what metal an appliance may have, and they can tell you what you should commonly find on the item, and what you will get if you bring it in.  

Most scrap metal yards are going to give you more money if you disassemble the items and only give them the metal that is worth money, instead of having the scrap yard do the work. Either way, you are still going to get money for the recyclable metal that you bring in. If you are fixing up an old home and it's your first property, make sure you get out all of the money that you can by scrapping. You can also contact companies like Recycling Center Inc for more information on scrap metal recycling.